Basic Literacy Project Across 64 Districts


Education is an important factor for sustainable development and it is considered as vital for improving living standard. Nonformal education and skill development is considered as a process of empowerment. Despite the immense importance of education, a large number of people are still illiterate in Bangladesh. To eradicate this situation, Basic Literacy Project (64 districts) is designed to provide Basic Literacy and Life Skills to adolescents and adults of the 15-45 age group from marginalized and hardcore poor households who will receive non-formal education. Its coverage area is 250 selected upazilas of the country’s 64 districts. Under this project, Bangladesh Labour Foundation has implemented these activities in Sonagazi Upazila under Feni district from September 2021 to June 2022.

Bangladesh Labour Foundation runs 300 centers under this project. 600 appointed teachers worked for 600 batches under 15 supervisors. Total 18,032 (9400 male, 8632 female) number of beneficiaries has got non-formal education and skill development training through this project.


  • To provide basic literacy and life skills to 4.5 million illiterate adolescents and adults of 15-45 age group
  • To contribute to the eradication of illiteracy from the country as well as achieving global and national education for all (EFA) goals as envisioned in the National Plan of Action (NPA)-II and the Sixth Five-Year Plan.
  • To contribute to the implementation of the National Non-Formal Education Policy 2006 and the National Education Policy 2010.
  • To strengthen the capacity of BNFE and other agencies involved in non-formal education.
  • To promote GO-NGO and community collaboration in NFE.
  • To develop primers in the mother tongues of the ethnic minority groups for the learners of three hill districts.

Project Components

Non-formal education, Skill Development training


Sonagazi Upazila, Feni


Ministry of Primary and Mass Education (GoB)


December, 2021-June 2022

Project Stakeholders: The illiterate adolescents and adults of the 15-45 age group, marginalized and hard-core poor households and outcast minority communities, NGOs, Informal schools, Local leaders, Ministry of Primary and Mass Education, The Bureau of Non-Formal Education.


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