Observed World Environment Day 2024

Bangladesh labour Foundation (BLF) observed world Environment Day 2024 with the theme of land restoration, desertification and drought resilience, the Earth focuses on ways to restore damaged landscapes, like forests, wetlands and deserts.

We observed the day with human chain, rally and discussion program at the National Press Club in the Capital Dhaka. Hundreds of workers, workers leaders, civil society volunteers were participated in the event and demanding JUST TRANSITION of the effected workers. Workers of Bangladesh are highly suffering from the global warming where most of the factories has not adopted the change environment. On the other hand, the introduction of new technology forced the workers to leave/loose the job without any future direction. Bangladesh needs immediate action on JUST Transition adaptation. 

Bangladesh Labour Foundation (BLF) has been promoting Just Transition on awareness, capacity development and conducting social dialogue among the stakeholders to set a strategic goal to face the upcoming challenges.

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