Just Tansition in Leather Sector in Bangladesh | Trade Unions role is much important for workers wellbeing for better future

The workshop on Just Transition in the Leather Sector in Bangladesh and role of tanneryworkersunion held with an objective to develop unions role for Justified Transition of the Workers engaged in the sector. In the context of the tannery sector, a just transition would involve moving towards more sustainable and environmentally friendly practices while addressing social and economic impacts on workers and communities.
A just transition in the tannery sector requires a holistic approach that considers the economic, social, and environmental aspects of the transition process. Collaboration between industry, government bodies, and local communities is crucial for achieving a sustainable and equitable transformation.
Eco-friendly tanning process, Skill development for the workers, Inclusive social safety net program, partnerships with environmental organizations, labor unions, and other relevant entities to ensure a comprehensive and well-coordinated transition for the workers in the leather sector is much needed.

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