Promotion of Decent Work for Agriculture Workers in Bangladesh


Bangladesh is an agriculture-based country, and about 38 percent of the labour force is involved in this sector, which covers 20 percent of the country’s total GDP. Historically, agriculture has played an important role in the country’s economy through employment generation, poverty alleviation, and food security. However, the agricultural labourers of Bangladesh are mostly neglected in society. Seasonal unemployment, underemployment, irregular employment, low wages, seasonal hunger, and poverty manifest in the daily lives of agricultural labourers. They are the deprived and neglected section in the rural power structure. They are excluded from labour rights, education, health, and basic social services. The agricultural labourers belong to both extreme and chronic poor households. Considering the situation of agriculture workers, BLF has implemented this project in Sonagazi Upazila of Feni district since 2018 to 2022. This project aims to improve the labour condition as recognized by international labour standards for unorganized agriculture workers in Bangladesh.


  • To improve the organizing and collective strategies to form organizations of agriculture workers, engage the government to recognize these organizations and advocate for making policies on their social protection/security issues
  • To improve working conditions and better health & safety practices and promote solidarity among the agriculture workers

Project Components

Organising and Linking to Government Services


Sonagazi, Feni


Bangladesh Labour Foundation


January 2022- December 2022

Project Stakeholders: Agriculture Workers, Upazila Agriculture Department, Upazila Social Service Department, Union Parishad and Local Elites.

Project intervene: This project covered 5 old age allowance, 10 widow allowance, 20 VDG, 10 agricultural technology and other inputs, 50 agricultural subsidy incentives.

Key Achievement: With the support of BLF, Executive Committee members, unit committee and union committee of agricultural workers organized periodic meetings. BLF also conducted awareness sessions on the demerits of child marriage and dowry, agricultural schemes from the Department of Agriculture and so on. Besides, 20 agriculture workers received training on FoA & Organizing. There are several advocacy meetings conducted with the local government and community leaders to include the agricultural workers in different social security and agricultural schemes.

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